“Narra” Thai and Asian restaurant was founded in 2008 by Selfie world Food & Beverage group. The restaurant name “Narra” comes from the name of the Pterocarpus indicus Tree which is ‘The Monarch Wood’ in Asian. “Narra” comes from the Sanskrit language meaning ‘Propitious Omen’. “Narra” restaurant is renowned for its authentic Thai and Asian dishes, the a la carte dishes derived from authentic recipes which have been adapted into a modern context suitable for Narra’s dining ambience. “Narra” combines the highest quality ingredients and traditional recipes. All of our chefs are from Thailand and they reflects their passion for cooking with a diverse and inspired menu. Thus, Narra is a restaurant where anybody; whether local, expatriates or tourists, with a passion for Thai and Asian food can experience authentic Thai and Asian cuisine in a relaxed ambiance with good service. Narra welcomes diners to experience the unforgettable journey of Thai and Asian taste with our friendly service to make your dining a memorable one. In the meantime please visit us and enjoy our food.